Talent Concept

Respect talents, manage talents, and talents are the first capital of enterprises

Weitu Hongda always practices that talents are the first capital of enterprises

Committed to creating a humanized organizational environment and atmosphere

Weitu Hongda always insists on respecting talents and managing talents

Make every member professional, professional, dedicated and happy

Form a solid community of interests and undertakings with each member

Create a career, grow together and win-win future with every member

Career development

1. Development channel

The company pays attention to the growth and development of employees and their career planning, and is committed to providing good career development channels for employees, and designs a career development channel of double promotion for the development of employees.

In addition, the company arranges employees to flow within the company according to their abilities, work performance and business needs after soliciting their personal wishes, so as to better help employees give full play to their potential and improve the necessary skills for career development.

2. Salary and welfare

In order to attract, motivate and retain excellent talents and achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise and employees, the company provides employees with a salary system with external competitiveness and internal fairness.

  • 01
    Basic benefits

    The company provides employees with legal benefits such as five insurances (endowment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury, unemployment, maternity) and one fund (housing provident fund), as well as rich corporate benefits such as commercial insurance.

  • 02
    Employee care

    In order to make employees feel that the company is like a harmonious family, the company cares about employees' work and life in various ways.

  • 03
    Health activities

    In order to ensure the employees' healthy work and happy life, the company provides employees with intimate annual physical examination; At the same time, provide fixed places for employees to carry out rich and colorful physical exercise and entertainment activities.

  • 04
    Training & Communication

    In order to enable employees to get useful guidance and rapid growth in their work, and create a good atmosphere for cooperation, the company has tailored a full range of training programs and team communication activities for employees in combination with their qualifications.