Brand interpretation

The logo is creatively designed by "wthd", the initial letter of "Weitu Hongda", and will“ ⚡” The super symbol of electricity is integrated into it, conveying the power industry attribute of the "Weitu Hongda" brand. The overall logo shape is trapezoidal and spreads upward, implying that the "Weitu Hongda" business is flourishing and growing, and Hongtu is developing; The Chinese logo shows the image of one party's seal, expressing the enterprise values of "Weitu Hongda" people, which are upright in their words and deeds, and upright in heart, mind, words, deeds and results.

The logo is mainly blue representing broadness and supplemented by warm orange representing harvest. Blue is the symbol of the sky and the sea; Orange is cheerful and lively, and is the warmest color. It means that the brand cause of "Weitu Hongda" is more magnificent and inherited from generation to generation.

  • 01
    Management idea

    With high-quality and high-tech products

    Provide customers with the best service

  • 02
    Brand Vision

    Become a global leader in the field of new energy

    Leading and respected brand

  • 03
    Brand mission

    Inject energy into China's infrastructure

  • 04
    Core values

    Right mind, right mind, right words, right actions

    Positive fruit