New Guiyang Guangzhou high speed railway "four electricity" system integrated communication and disaster prevention safety monitoring project
Project Time:2018-10 Project Location:Hezhou Zhaoqing

Guiyang Guangzhou railway passenger dedicated line is led out from Guiyang North railway station, passes through Miaoling cloaked mountain to Duyun after passing Longli; After passing through Sandu along the Duliu River, it crossed the Rongjiang River and entered the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region from the river; Cross Rongjiang River and Jiaoliu railway, cross Tianping mountain to Guilin and cross Lijiang River; Enter Guangdong Province through Gongcheng, Zhongshan and Hezhou; After HUAIJI, Zhaoqing, Sanshui and Foshan, it is connected to Guangzhou south railway station. The main line is 857km long, with 238 tunnels and 510 bridges, and the bridge tunnel section accounts for 83% of the whole section. There are 23 stations in total, with an average distance between stations of 37.26km. The construction started on October 13, 2008 and the whole line was opened to traffic on December 26, 2014.